FAQ on Selling Your Waco Home for Cash

What makes you different from other companies?

Lots of companies may offer to buy your home, but very few of them can actually complete the sale themselves. They may not have the necessary funds, or they may plan to sell the contract to another company. We are true real estate investors with liquid funds ready to buy your home today!

What does it really mean when you say that you will buy my house for CASH?

We mean exactly what we say! We have the cash available to buy your home outright. We do not need any financing, which means less waiting and hassle for you. 

What will you do with my home after you purchase it?

Every sale is as unique as the house involved. In many cases, we will make repairs and sell the home. However, in other cases, we may rent the property out. 

Will you pay what my home is actually worth?

We want you to receive a fair price for your home. Our goal is to determine the home’s fair market value in its current condition and make an appropriate offer. 

What are the steps in the process of selling my home?

We have done our best to streamline the process of selling your home to us. As soon as our offer has been accepted, we will begin working with a local title company to clear out your mortgage, check the title for any other issues, and schedule a closing date. 

I currently live outside Texas. Is that going to be a problem?

If you live outside of Texas, that will not stop us from giving you a fair offer for your home. We have worked with many sellers living out of state, and we can work with you too! We will do our best to keep the process convenient for you so you don’t have to travel back and forth. 

Where will we go to close on my house?

We will close the sale at a local title company in order to make sure we meet all legal requirements. This closing can be scheduled at your convenience.  

What if I am behind on my mortgage?

Even if you have fallen behind in your mortgage payments, selling your home to us is still possible! Before making an offer, we will work with your mortgage company to find out how much money is necessary to clear out your debt. After we have this information, we can talk about your options. 

How long does it take to sell my home?

Our home sale process is much faster than the traditional method involving a real estate agent. In fact, we are ready to move as quickly as you are! We have closed some sales in as little as a few days. 

I feel a little overwhelmed with trying to sell my home. What can I do?

Selling your home does not have to be overwhelming when you work with us! We are happy to answer any questions you may have throughout the process. We will take things one step at a time. Our goal is to make your sale as simple and free from stress as it can be!

What will it cost me to have you come look at my home?

We do not charge any fees when we come to look at your house, and you are under no obligation to accept any offer we make. There is absolutely nothing to lose!

What kind of fees will I need to pay when selling my home to you?

We have designed our home-buying process to be free of hidden fees. You don’t have to worry about paying a realtor commission, inspection fees, closing costs or other expenses usually associated with a home sale. Because we buy homes as is, you won’t have to pay for repairs either. 

My house needs some repairs. Will you still consider it?

Of course! Many of the homes we purchase are in need of repairs or renovations. We will never ask you to make any of these changes prior to the sale! Simply show us your home as it is, and we will make a fair offer. 

My home is in foreclosure. Can you help me?

Don’t let foreclosure stop you from reaching out to us! We have bought many homes in foreclosure, and we would love to help you stop the process and keep the equity in your property. Even if your home has already been scheduled to be auctioned, we may still be able to buy it! 

What is your program? What do you look at before you make an offer?

Some of the things we consider when we make an offer on a home include:

  • The condition of the property
  • The neighborhood
  • The value of homes nearby
  • The state of the real estate market
  • Your goals as a seller

What type of homes do you buy?

We can buy virtually any type of home, from homes that are move-in ready to those considered fixer-uppers. We have purchased homes of all sizes and values. Contact us today to get a cash offer on your house!