How to Sell a House Without a Realtor in Waco

How to Sell a House Without a Realtor in WacoThinking about selling your home in Waco but don’t really want to work with a realtor? This may be a great idea because eliminating the real estate agent can save you about 6% in commissions. On a $250,000 house, that comes to $15,000. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to sell your property fast without a realtor is selling it to a cash buyer. With this method, you have many advantages: you do not have to do any repairs in your home or prepare it for open house and showings, you are able to avoid foreclosure, and you can sell it very easily and quickly. Here’s how the process of selling a home without a realtor works in Waco. 

Find a Cash Buyer

The first step is finding a trustworthy cash buyer in Waco. You can search online or contact the local records office to find information about sales in your town. You can also contact We Buy Waco Houses, a real estate investment company with years of experience that will buy your house within a few weeks after submitting your application. 

Get a Cash Offer and Review It

Once you receive an offer from an investor, take your time and review it. You need to make sure that the amount offered is fair. If your home is in a good condition and no serious repairs are needed, you can have a look at the comparable houses in your area, subtract the realtor’s commission, and add a discount you feel the benefits may be worth. If your property needs some work and its condition is not perfect, you can consider the approximate value of the upgraded homes in your area, subtract the profit of a cash buyer (approximately 15%), subtract the costs to remodel and repair the home, and deduct the commission. This is how you will know the fair price of your property. You can always contact an experienced real estate agent to make comparative market analysis for you. Also, when reviewing your cash offer, do not forget to ask a cash buyer to provide proof of funds. This can be a letter from the bank signed by a bank officer or a bank statement proving that the cash buyer has enough funds to purchase your home. 

Prepare and Sign the Purchase Contract

Usually, a purchase contract is prepared by a real investment company and should include the following information: the deposit amount, the closing date, and the price. You can either read and review it yourself, or you can always hire an attorney to do it for you. Sometimes, investment companies also make sight-unseen offers to homeowners, which are given without a home inspection. This is a common practice if the home is in a really good condition, or if an investment company is planning to demolish the house because the land is more important to them. Such cash offers close quickly — the process does not take longer than 10 days. 

Close on the Sale

If everything is in order and the contract is signed, a closing on cash sale does not take long — only about 2 weeks. Compared to a traditional sale with a realtor, this involves less paperwork and is much more convenient for both an investment company and seller. 

Sell Your Property Fast and Easily With We Buy Waco Houses

If you have property in Waco and are thinking of selling it fast without a realtor, We Buy Waco Houses is glad to help. Our mission is to allow our clients to make quick sales and get more money for their homes. We do our best to make the selling process easy, quick, and less stressful for homeowners. We are more than just another real estate investment company — we are a group of professionals with passion and who care about the Waco community and its residents. If you are ready to start the process, visit our website and fill out the form to receive your cash offer.