Know This Real Estate Terminology When Selling a House

If you need to sell a Waco house fast, there is a lot to learn before starting the process. It can often be overwhelming for homeowners as there can be a lot to do but when everything works out, a lot of money can be made. 

If you are looking to sell your Waco house quickly, there is much to learn but rest easy we are here to help! Check out the terms listed below and their definitions, you may already know the meaning of a few! Learning these will help you start down the path of selling your home

Cash for Houses Investor

This is what is often referred to as a We Buy Housesbuyer. A reputable single family property investor will often pay cash for a house and require no repairs. The timing is much shorter as a strong Cash for Houses investor has resources to make the process go smoother and more efficiently and often doesn’t even need a survey to purchase the house. 


This is someone who represents home owners and home buyers in the process of buying and selling real estate. A real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors is a realtor. A good realtor can be very helpful however many homeowners and home buyers have grown leery of realtors due to oft repeated criticisms and news reports that they look out for their own interests more than their clients

Comparative Market Analysis

A licensed real estate agent can provide a comparative market analysis for you regarding your home. Also known as a “CMA,” this report is meant to guide you in the pricing of your home. Unfortunately, not all agents are skilled at evaluating market prices making it important for buyers and sellers to do their own due diligence so they don’t sell for a price that is low and pay high commissions for the privilege’s of doing so. 

Seller’s Disclosure

A document required in the State of Texas for the resale of residential real estate. Texas Property Code requires all homeowners to provide a document stating their knowledge of property and it’s condition

Title Commitment

A Title Insurance Company will ensure the buyer of your home is the new and sole owner by providing an insurance policy guaranteeing as much. The title commitment is their promise to provide insurance if specific conditions are met

We Buy Waco Houses

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