Looking to Sell Your Older Home? Try These Tips

  Looking around your old home that has seen better days can be daunting when assessing the scope of work needed to bring it back to life. If money is tight it might seem like doing any repairs or remodel work will be all but impossible. While challenging, there is hope- there are things you can do to get results. Check out the tips from We Buy Waco Houses that will help you get your house sold in no time 

Tidy Up!

The first thing to do is give the home a deep cleaning. Don’t forget to include cleaning carpets, curtains, and sinks as well as removing any stains you can find on visible surfaces in your home. Everything in the house should be spick and span and once it is, turn your attention to the yard. You can easily mow the grass, bag the leaves, pull the weeds, and trim the hedges yourself. No need to hire a professional! While it may not be flashy, a good cleaning of your home and a nicely manicured lawn will go a long way in a potential buyer’s eyes.

Market to Your Target

There are specific set of buyers that want an older home and an even more specific set of buyers that want an older home that doubles as a fixer upper. As you can imagine, these are smaller pools of buyers since most buyers typically want new or remodeled homes so they can move in and not have to do a bunch of work to the home. For this reason it is important to know that there are Waco Cash Home Buyers who will will buy your home without requiring any repairs or remodeling on your end. This is called buying “as is.” 

Make any Minor Tweaks and Touchups

No matter how small or easy, doing some basic repairs will likely increase your homes value. We suggest making a list of anything that is worn down, broken, or not working well. This list might include running toilets, over range microwave light not coming on, a door sticking, a leaky faucet, and possible holes in the walls. Taking care of as many of these smaller and easier items as possible will increase your homes overall attractiveness 

Price it Right
You will want to avoid one of the most common mistakes that many homeowners make: overpricing their home. Under pricing a home is also a big no no… According to Zillow it is important to get a CMA from a realtor or use a Zestimate as a starting point. So make sure you are being realistic about the price of your home. It helps to figure out remodeling costs, commissions, and the time and effort spent selling when figuring out your perfect price for selling your Waco home fast. You will want to subtract those expenses from the price of the home. It is smart to contact a contractor to give you an estimate if you aren’t certain about repair costs 

Sell Your Waco Home Fast
All of the above is nice but if you want to sell your Waco home fast you can sell it to a Waco Cash Home Buyer.  The most effective way to do this is to reach out to one of these real estate investment companies known as organizations where homeowners can Sell My Waco House Quickly. Real estate investors will buy your old home no matter the condition. The main benefits to selling this way are you do not do any repairs, process is fast, and you will receive cash

We are a family owned business and a team of real estate investors ready to buy your house at We Buy Waco Houses. We know this process is not fun and we do our best to make sure everything is straight forward and easy to understand. We buy any home, any condition, and we pay cash. Reach out today to receive a Cash Offer on your Waco home 254-272-3743