Selling a Hoarder House

What is Hoarding Disorder? Hoarding Disorder is a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The DSM-5 defines it as the persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions regardless of their value. Typically, hoarding is a coping mechanism that may begin during childhood and progressively get worse as one ages. This could be a result of childhood trauma, depression, bipolar disorder, or a major life-altering event. Some events may include but are not limited too; divorce, death of a family member, job loss, sudden illness, major surgery etc. All mental disorders are serious and potentially dangerous, but what makes Hoarding Disorder one of the worst is often times the people who hoard, don’t realize that they have an issue. Hoarding however, like all mental disorders require a certain degree of medical attention.

Most individuals who possess such behaviors tend to live in their homes for years, and often pass away and their families not only inherit the home, but the mess they left behind as well. When someone inherits a hoarder home and conducts a walk-through, they often end up in a state of shock. A majority of family members are unaware of the fact that the deceased was a hoarder. When an individual hoards, they become reclusive and don’t typically interact with many people or anyone at all. According to Barry Yourgrau in a recent article published by Salon, it is not uncommon for the hoarder to feel shame with their predicament and avoid seeking help in decluttering. For someone who inherits a hoarder house, they are forced to make a decision. Should I sell it, or should I clean it..? 

If you are someone who is asking yourself the same exact question, and have ultimately decided to sell your Waco house for cash, know that it’s not an easy task. But, don’t worry! We are here to help. We have compiled a list of steps you will need to take prior to selling.

First, Establish Ownership of the Home.

Before starting the process of selling, you must establish who the owner of the home is. It may seem like an unimportant step, but this is one of the most important steps you can take. When conducting this research, be sure to find out whether another family member has taken ownership or not. If not, great but there is a possibility that the home was put in a trust. In the event that it was you MUST obtain the required documents proving that you are in fact the owner of this property. Documents required will be one or more of the following: the deceased’s death certificate, letters of administration, will, current Letters Testamentary, or copy of the trust agreement. Having your Driver’s License and Social Security Card as proof of identity would be a good thing to have on hand as well.

Second, Hire a Professional Decontamination/Cleaning Company.

In most cases general cleaning would be enough however, the home may have some rather unpleasant surprises. Some examples are dangerous chemicals, deceased animals, human/animal waste, expired food etc. Hoarder homes are dangerous, and required professionals that are specifically trained to deal with these types of properties. According to a recent HGTV article by Sean McEvoy, it is possible to take care of an issue as difficult as mold removal by yourself, if you know the proper steps and be sure to follow them. Most companies will due a deep clean which includes sanitation measures and that is often easier than trying to do yourself.

Third, and Finally Assess the Damage.

In most cases a hoarder home is very unkept. Meaning, if human waste is present chances are the plumbing is an issue. If rodents are present then there is a good chance that the walls, and the electrical system will need to be repaired. Even regular homes wouldn’t sell unless similar issues were resolved, in this way hoarder homes are no different than non hoarder homes. If the damage seems to daunting to take on and you decide to take advantage of the opportunity to sell a Waco house cash to We Buy Waco Houses, you can count on us to get you a cash offer for your Waco home.

Do Not Hesitate to Consider Other Available Options

Linking up with a realtor, and selling a hoarder home the traditional way can be costly when it comes to paying the realtor their commission. Fortunately, there are other options. You could sell the inherited home to a home investor or cash buyer like We Buy Waco Houses. With this method, you wouldn’t incur any additional cost. This means they purchase the property as-is, any damages, repair, or cleaning costs are on the buyer not you the seller. Furthermore, this is a great option if you want to rid yourself of the burden immediately.

Consider Selling Your Hoarder Property to We Buy Waco Houses.

We are located in Waco, TX. If your hoarder property is located in Waco, or neighboring towns or cities we are here to help sell your Waco house fast! We do the hard work for you! We are a team of local cash buyers. We we purchase homes for cash and have a quick turn-around. We will handle ANY repairs, renovations, and cleaning! We strive to make this process easier for you. Please feel free to visit our website, or give us a call at 254-331-1316 for details!