Should I Remodel or Sell My House?


List My House

The Waco housing market was red hot for 2020 and 2021 looks on track to be an even stronger year than 2020. As strong as the Waco real estate market has been, there are factors to consider when determining whether or not to sell your home or to remodel it and stay put. 

Repairs or Remodel?

Some properties may need to be repaired before they can be sold to a buyer due to mortgage company minimum property requirements. In a traditional sale, getting a home ready for market can be very time consuming. Repairs, upgrades, staging, cleaning, can all add up and may depend on the size of your pocket book. However, when you deal with a cash home buyer, you will not need to address any of these concerns. 

Remodel Inconvenience

When a house is empty, it makes for a much easier project. As the homeowner you may have difficulty vacating the premises to facilitate a smoother renovation. A home renovation could pose a few challenges with logistics as you decide whether or not to get a hotel, what hours to have contractors work on the premises, and when you will be available for progress reviews and payments. Selling to a cash home buyer can significantly reduce the workload as you do not need to do any repairs

Resale value

A lot of the a house’s value is tied up in its “usability.” It may have a dishwasher and a range oven but if neither work properly does it matter? Keeping this in mind, many homeowners think they need to do repairs to get a fair price for their house. However when selling to a cash home buyer, this is not the case. A cash home buyer may not have to pay the same amount of transaction fees as a typical seller because they often keep the house as a rental or if they choose to sell they are agents themselves and able to save the commission. Both of these advantages make it possible to sell your home for a fair price without doing any repairs

Sell your home as is with We Buy Waco Houses

If you are deciding whether or not to sell your home We Buy Waco Houses is here to assist you. Our goal is to make the process of selling your home simple and fast. Visit us at We Buy Houses to fill out a form or give us a call to receive your fair cash offer today