What Does It Mean If a House Becomes Condemned

What Is a Condemned House?

In order for a home to be condemned, the house itself must be violating local building codes. When a house violates these codes, the government considers the property to be dangerous to live in. You are unable to live in a condemned house as it is forbidden unless ALL violations and issues are resolved by the owner within a certain period of time. Until the problems are corrected however, who ever occupies the house must stay somewhere else.

How Does a Property Get Condemned?

There are a multitude of reasons as to why a house becomes condemned. Listed below are the most common reasons:

  • The owners of the house have abandoned it, and the house has remained abandoned which in turn is causing safety concerns.
  • The conditions either inside, outside, or both have become unsanitary.
  • The utilities have been discontinued, these include air-conditioning, heating, and plumbing.
  • The house could have been seriously damaged by weather catastrophes.
  • The termite damage is extensive.
  • If there is black mold present inside, outside of the home.
  • The house could have been built with unsafe materials.
  • The electrical systems are dangerous or improper.

Can My City Condemn a House?

The answer? Yes, any city is allowed to condemn a property this includes yours as well. There are two main reasons for it:

  • There is a violation of the local building codes.
  • The house will be used for public space. This means that the city is going to use the location of the home for public purposes. Purposes include, creating a road, park, or any other public space. Maybe the home is historic and they are wanting to repair it and use it as a museum.

Does a Condemned House Have a Possibility to Be Saved?

Typically, the government wants you to save your property if it is condemned. The ability to save it depends on certain factors. Factors include money, time, level of repairs, and their costs. However, in the event that the cost of repairs is over 50% of the actual cost of the house, then your city can raze the property. To raze a property means to destroy or demolish it. If the city does choose to raze it, and you don’t agree with the decision and you don’t want to leave the house, then it can be razed at your expense.

There is good news though. Many of the condemned properties can be renovated, and the condemned status can be reversed. Before the status can be reversed, you have to fix and resolve all the issues and then the property must pass inspection. Once the property passes inspection, you will receive a new certificate of occupancy. This means that the property is livable again.

What Are the Code Requirements for Houses?

For the house to be considered livable again, it must provide the following:

  • Safe outlets and electrical systems
  • Heat
  • Air-conditioning
  • Plumbing
  • Ventilation
  • Light fixtures

If the house is going to be rented, it is also required to be clean, pest free, and the structural condition should be good.

Can you Sell a Condemned House?

If the house becomes condemned because of local building code violations, you may decide it is not worth making the repairs. The best solution would be to sell the house. But before selling there are certain things you will need to consider. Unfortunately, if the problems are not fixed the house will not be allowed to be sold as a structure. Meaning you would need to sell it at lot value. When doing this, you’ll want to find buyers who want to demolish it, or renovate it themselves. That is not your only option though.

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